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Facebook ads can transform your business. If you are looking to elevate your brand and reach new potential customers in Malaysia, utilizing the services of a reliable Facebook ads agency is essential. At 2Stallions, we are dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive through targeted and impactful online marketing strategies.

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Facebook Ads Agency

Escalate your brand and unlock the full potential of Facebook advertising with 2Stallions, Malaysia’s leading agency in Facebook advertising.

  • Expand brand awareness and reach wider audiences locally and globally
  • Construct conversion-generating campaigns and convert leads into sales
  • Receive acute reporting and data-driven campaign optimisations
  • Turn your Facebook account into a profitable asset with 2Stallions Digital Marketing Agency
Facebook ads in Malaysia

Advantages of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an established paid social media marketing tool. Facebook users reached over 21 million in early 2022 in Malaysia and over 2 billion users worldwide.
The reach is extensive.
Supported by numerous ad placements and formats for precise targeting, Facebook advertising is the go-to social media advertising method for businesses of all sizes.
Our experienced specialists at 2Stallions advertising agency can help you customise an effective campaign strategy based on your business goals.
There are several advantages of advertising on Facebook:

Numerous targeting features for precise full-funnel advertising for businesses of all sizes

Ability to reach a wider audience and bring them straight to a sale page or website

Increase awareness, engagement, and target users based on geographical, interests, and behavioural aspects

Opportunities to experiment and refine campaign strategies

Remarket to people who previously engaged with your Facebook page or Facebook ads

Ability to use Facebook ads manager for ease of performance measurement

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Types of Facebook Ads

There are six campaign types, each with specific creative specifications, all showing up on Facebook Audience Network, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Those are:

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Single-Image Ads

Single-image ads use a high-resolution still-image creative, a CTA button, a link, and an optional description. It is best for spreading a simple message to drive brand and product awareness.

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Single-video Ads

This ad uses a high-resolution video creative. It is best to convey longer messages as it allows users to take notice of the product. You can post new videos or repost a video from your Facebook page.

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Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow you to put more than two images or videos in a single ad. Each with its headline, description, and CTA button. It creates a larger canvas to convey messages or showcase products and services.

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Slideshow Ads

A video-like ad consisting of images, motions, texts and sounds for a more immersive experience. It uses fewer data than video ads. So, it is perfect for reaching the target market with a slower connection and older devices.

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Collection Ads

A full-screen experience that shows up when someone clicks your ad. It contains a cover image or video with curated products/services underneath. It delivers a seamless catalogue-like browsing experience on mobile devices and encourages sales.

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Instant Experience Ads

These ads expand to full-screen ads once clicked. It can consist of a single image, video, carousel, and collection format. It delivers a seamless website page-like browsing experience. Therefore, it can hold onto an audience’s attention for extended durations.

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