Reach out to and grow your community of fans and customers. Your best customers are the ones you already have, so leverage on them with email marketing.

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Email Marketing Agency In Malaysia

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing, in its broadest sense, is the sending of an email to a group of people who have opted to be a part of the group.

With email marketing, our focus is growing your mailing list through conversion optimization, content marketing, and search engine marketing.


Why Email Marketing?



There are 3.9 billion daily email users, this number is expected surpass 4.3 billion by 2023. Active email accounts surpassed 5.6 billion back in 2019, and remain the most direct and personal way of reaching your audience online.



Email is more stable than social media, which change policies at a whim. With email, you dictate what or when you send to your audience. Here's something to think about: email reaches its intended audience 90% of the time, while Facebook posts only reach about 2% (or less).


Mature Platform

Email is the medium of choice for ‘business’. It is a much more mature platform used for business correspondence and is considered more professional and serious.


Better Than Social Media

When comparing an email sent to users versus a post on Facebook or Twitter, click rate results of email are between 50 to 100 times better. Email also generated 40x more leads than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Email Marketing vs Marketing Automation

Email Service Provider Marketing Automation
Sends Mass Emails
Tracks Open Rates & Clocks
Easy to Build Landing Page
Easy to Build Web Forms
Easy to Create Multi-Step Campaigns
Integrates with all Direct Mail, Social Media, and More
Data Deduplication and Normalization
Score Leads
Recycle and Nurture Leads
Ensures Only Qualified Leads Go to Sales
Measures the Impact on Marketing Initiatives on Revenue

Kickstart Your Revenue Growth & Manage Your Leads With Marketing Automation!