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Reach targeted ROAS and make the most of Google ads with an experienced Google advertising agency in Malaysia.

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Advantages of Google Advertising

Google ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) advertising program that allows you to engage with your target market and generate leads and conversions. Supported by extensive advertising properties and search partners worldwide, Google ads are the go-to advertising method for businesses of all sizes.
Our experienced Google ads specialists at 2Stallions advertising agency in Malaysia can help you customise an effective campaign strategy tailored to your goal.
Formerly known as Google AdWords, there are several advantages to Google Ads:

Numerous features for precise full-funnel advertising for any business worldwide

No minimum budget requirements with a flexible and accurate campaign targeting

Opportunities to experiment and correct campaign strategies on the run

Accurate and detailed campaign result tracking

Remarket to people who previously visited your site or engaged with your ads

Ability to use Google ads tool. It is an all-in-one tool for the whole process of creating campaigns to analyze campaign results.

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Types of Google Ads

There are eight types of campaigns available with unique features, those are:

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Google Search Ads

Google search ad consists of a URL, a headline, and descriptions. It is effective for any stage of a marketing campaign. With this ad type, your ads can appear on search sites and search partners.

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Google Display Ads

The Google display campaign shows visual content on the Google display network, mobile applications, YouTube and Gmail. It helps target the right audience at the right place and time. It is efficient to spread brand messages to your new or existing customers and stay on the top of their minds.

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Google Discovery Ads

These ads can come in single-image or carousel format. Google discovery campaigns appear on YouTube, Gmail, and the Google discover feed. They show up for people that Google has deemed ready to engage with your product, making them perfect for driving sales.

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Google Video Ads

Google Video ads allow you to place your ads on YouTube and Google video partners. On YouTube, they often appear at the beginning, middle, or end of a video. On video partner sites and out-stream ads, it appears in front of or in-between content on mobile ads and applications.

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Google App Ads

It specializes in advertising applications. The app campaign appears on Google display network, YouTube, Google Play, Google search sites, and Google discovery. It has three objectives: app installs, app engagement, and app pre-registration (android only).

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Google Performance Max Ads

Performance max campaigns are a mix of responsive search, display, and video campaigns. These ads help engage customers of your preference across all Google channels. There is also a possibility of reaching unexpected leads.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads display item pictures, product names, prices, website URLs, and star ratings. These ads appear on Google search sites, YouTube, Google display networks, and Gmail. Keyword-rich product titles and descriptions are crucial to targeting your desired customers.

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Google Smart Ads

Built specifically for small businesses, Google smart ads highlight the selling points and your business descriptions. They are an easy and cheaper option to attract new customers and show on Google maps, Google search sites, Google display networks, YouTube, and Gmail.

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