TikTok Ads Agency In Malaysia

Are you looking to reach a broader audience and boost brand awareness? TikTok advertising could be the solution for your business. By partnering with a leading TikTok Ads Agency in Malaysia like 2Stallions, you can maximize your marketing efforts and connect with potential customers in a creative and engaging way.

Tiktok ads in Malaysia

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TikTok Ads

Take Advantage of TikTok Ads and Maximize ROI with a trusted TikTok advertising agency in Malaysia.

  • Strategize Result-Driven Campaigns for Your TikTok Ads Account
  • Tailored Content That Focuses on Your USP
  • Data-based Optimization and Insightful Reporting of Your Campaigns
  • Increases Conversion With the Aid of an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency
Tiktok ads in Malaysia

Advantages of TikTok Advertising

TikTok is the leading platform for short-form mobile video. It has become a worldwide phenomenon and currently has around 14.5 million users in Malaysia. Perceived as a Gen Zs choice of social media, the population of adults over 24 years old accounts for over 40% and rapidly increasing. It means that TikTok is also great at reaching diverse audiences. That also involves millennials and older. But it is still undoubtedly great to advertise products and services aimed at young people.
There are several advantages when it comes to
TikTok advertising. They are:

Have immense popularity with rapidly expanding active users worldwide.

Varied CommunityToks members to engage with your business campaign.

Also perfect for brands who would like to expand their customer base outside the nation as it operates in 140+ countries.

Less saturated and less competitive compared to other types of social media.

Be at the forefront of the wave of trends that resonate with your market.

The unique algorithm allows widespread advertisement even without mass followers.

Able to use TikTok For Business. It is an all-in-one tool for the whole process of creating campaigns to analyze campaign results.

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7 Types of TikTok Ads

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TikTok In-Feed Ad

Placed on FYP, it echoed the feeling of organic content. Users can easily engage with the content through likes, comments, and shares. It Comes with CTA for access to a sales page. This type of ad is great for any campaign.

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TikTok Brand Takeover Ad

A full-screen ad appears immediately when the app opens for maximum exposure. All screen surfaces are clickable to boost engagement. So the price is relatively high. This ad has CTA leading to either a hashtag challenge or a sale page.

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TikTok TopView Ad

TopView ads are great for brand awareness as It appears immediately when a user opens the app. Even though the ads can be up to 60 seconds long, it is sippable after 3 seconds. It also has a CTA leading to the sales page.

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TikTok Branded Hashtag Ad

It is perfect for encouraging user-generated content and increasing brand engagement. It lets users be “brand ambassadors” organically. It is in the form of a hashtag that urges user participation in a challenge your brand makes.

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TikTok Branded Effects Ad

This ad format utilizes stickers, filters, and motion effects to encourage user-generated content. It is possible to combine it with Branded Hashtag Challenge for a richer ad experience. So it is perfect for spreading brand and product awareness. Businesses have to create stickers, filters, and effects for the ads.

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TikTok Spark Ad

Spark ad involves reposting a TikTok post. It can be a creator post or your business post. It has links to both of the account pages. So this ad widens the content reach.

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TikTok Collection Ad

Perfect for driving sales, a pop-up card will appear at the bottom of the Ads showcasing your products. Users can further browse through a built-in catalog through your brand profile button.

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